1- DMCA Notice.

In keeping with the 1998 "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" ("DMCA"), we take
copyright breaches very seriously. You must contact Watanmusic.con in writing, to recognise and comply in compliance with the suspected infringements, if you are the owner of the copyright material which is on our website and have not allowed the use of the contents.

 In your DMCA Notice, you must include the following information:

Clear location recognition and definition of material alleged to have been infringed or infringing with sufficient detailed details allow WatanMusic.CoM to locate the content. Provide a declaration that you trust that the use of material is not allowed by the owner, the agent or legal entity; provide reasonably sufficient information to
allow us to contact you,

such as your address, telephone number, and email You can provide a particular URL or a URL of the Web pages where the alleged infringing material is located;
except under a perjuration penalty whereby a complaining party shall be allowed to exercise exclusive rights for an owner which are allegedly breached; the copyright owner's electronic signature or individual approved to work for the owner specifically except exclusively infringing rights;
The DMCA Notice will be forwarded to our Designated Agent at the following e-mail address:
Please note that under the application law, if your information is not available, you may be subject to
CRIMINAL PROSECUTION for persecution and civic phenomena. The DMCA Notice should be sent to the e-mail address provided below: Please note that if you do not approve the application law, you may not apply to us.

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