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Zeb Bangash & Shamali Afghan - Yaar | آهنگ جدید زیب بنگاش و شمالی افغان - یار
Yaar is a fresh rendition of a soulful touching Afghani Classic dating back to the middle of the 20th Century. The song creates a beautiful bond with the afghan culture and music. The theme of the video is dense while Zeb Bangash and Shamali Afghan together reach the chorus. Zeb Bangash’s Yaar song is one of the many that exemplify her diverse style of singing. Zeb here creates a soft mood following the intense beginning of the song. All the Zeb fans across the border certainly love this sweet reminder of not only love but devotion too! While praising a lover for beauty and looks, Zeb and Shamail here give birth to a fresh spirit of sacrifice.

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